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*Pendulum Magician Deck Base

*Pendulum Magician Deck Base

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This deck base has all the NEW Pendulum Magician cards from Pendulum Evolution! It has everything you need to power up your Pendulum Deck!
Cards included are:
3 Astrograph Sorcerer - PEVO (UR)
3 Chronograph Sorcerer - PEVO (UR)
3 Harmonizing Magician - PEVO (UR)
3 Purple Poison Magician - PEVO (UR)
3 Double Iris Magician - PEVO (UR)
3 Black Fang Magician - PEVO (UR)
3 White Wing Magician - PEVO (UR)
3 Star Pendulumgraph - PEVO (UR)
3 Time Pendulumgraph - PEVO (UR)
3 Timestar Magician - PEVO (UR)

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